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Kacey's Pictures
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The Bored Page

April 22
Well, it's been a while. I don't think much has happened lately. We went to band state Tuesday and got 2's. We went to vocal state yesterday and got 2's too. I've found out that only one of the people that hate me actually have a good reason to hate me. Most of them just don't like me for whatever stupid ass they don't like my shoes or something. I really wish people would get over things. When I get mad at people it doesn't take me 5 years to get over it, like it obviously does every other girl in this stupid town. Geeze people are dumb. But anyway...yesterday at Garfield's was HILARIOUS! I spit Mountain Dew all over our table. We didn't stop laughing once we started. Oh it was great. I have a six pack now. I found something AWESOME out today! My mommy's cancer is completely gone!!!! I'm so happy for her...they scared me at first though. Dad made it seem like something bad happened..but he said he didn't mean to. But it's freakin awesome! Ya know what else is awesome?? School is almost over!! Hooray!! I'm so freakin happy about that. Life may be startin to get awesome. Although it never really was bad, I'm just whiney. Sunday I get my true love waits ring. I'm excited! Mom didn't cook tonite and made me eat a yucky TV dinner...but that's okay because I'm really happy. I got a new purse and they left the ink tag on it. The idiots! Oh goodness!!! I read a hilarious comic book thingy today. It's called like Schee or somethin like's freakin funny!!! Amityville Horror was pretty darn scary. Hmm...I'm gettin pretty random so I guess I'm gonna stop rambling. I love you a bunch!! Have an awesome day!!

April 9
Guess what I FINALLY did!! I put my Florida pictures on here! You all better enjoy them because they took me freakin forever to get on here. I don't really have anything else to say besides that. I really really wish Caso would come back. I love him and miss him sooooooooooo much! Tomorrow...all day...yay! I love you! Have a nice day.

April 4
Well wow. Lots of things happening lately. I probably shouldn't try to tell about these past days...but I'll try to be as happy about it as possible. So first of all...I got my license! It's cool, but I really wish I didn't have to drive my dad's huge truck because I can barely see in it. I think I'm going to get a Ford Focus. They're cute. I hope I get the one we were looking was perfect for me. Friday was April Fool's Day and Casey got me good. It was also Sonya's birthday and a very sucky day. Saturday was my dance competition which of course we got first in everything. Saturday was also a very sucky day. Yesterday I went to Casey's house and we hung out. Then Derek came over and I watched them play with cap guns for a while but then we realized it was time to be at church so we left and went there. Yesterday was a good day until I got home. Then it was yet another sucky day. This whole weekend sucked. I wanted my ceiling to fall on me and squash me. I am so freaking tired of high school..a few people in particular. I'm ready to just line them all up and hit them in the freaking face. With brass knuckles. But I'm not gonna talk about how much I hate people. I'm gonna talk about how much I love people. I love Caso soooo much. I also love Kelsie, Jordy, Kaci, Jamie, Jenna, Shalondra, Ashton, TJ even though he's mean, Derek usually, Whitney again, my mommy usually, and other people. But not many. Most of high school is retarded. High school kids are the dumbest and most drama loving people I've ever met. I absolutely love when it's just me and my baby and I'm not thinking about anything else and nobody else is around. That is the only time I am relaxed and usually not crying. Ahh I love him. Florida pictures are probably going to take a while to get up, because as of right now I'm very frustrated with them. Eventually though..I promise. I suppose I'll go now. I love you!!!!! Have an awesome day!

March 23
Woohoo! Florida was fun. I was sooooo ready to get home though. I'm still exhausted from it. We went to Cocoa Beach, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios. And of course we rode on the bus for 26 or 27 hours up and back. Those things get very uncomfortable after a while. I wanted to KILL a few people on there...lots of people needed to grow up and quit being bitches and asses. My birthday was the 17th!!! We were riding on the bus and at almost midnight they counted down and sang to me! Kelsie got me some wristbands and then when we ate at this Italian restaurant the Italian people sang to me and gave me the awesomest cheesecake EVER with a candle!!! Then at Islands of Adventure the talking fountain that Jordan and Andrew were very impressed with sang to me and did a little water show. It was freaking awesome! We finally got back Monday night around 11 and yesterday we didn't have to go to first hour so that was cool. Caso gave me my birthday present...its freaking awesome!! I love all of it!! Especially the wrapping job! hehe Today I'm skipping dance because I have no energy and I have things here that I want to do so I decided to skip. Kelsie and Caso and everyone beat me up today. It was like beat up Kacey day. O yea! Guess what!! I'm either going to get my license tomorrow or Friday!! Well..try to get it. I can't parallel park at all...I'm horrible at it. Hopefully I do good on everything else so I can pass it!! Yay!! Anyway...I'm gonna try to get my Florida pictures on here sometime soon..but I'm feeling too lazy right now. Sometime today though prolly! Yay! I'm gonna go now. Have a good day! I love you!!

March 12
Hmm..whats been goin on? Wednesday after dance I started on my solo, and it's gonna be really cute! And I picked out my costume and that's really cute too! Yay! Everyone has to come to my recital this year to see my SOLO!! Yikes, I'm nervous already. Anyway...Thursday after school Shiney's brother locked her keys in her car. Me, Trevor, Kaci, Ashley Williams, Kelsie, and Shiney spent like 30 minutes trying to use a hanger to unlock it...but the hanger was too flimsy so we finally gave up and called that Massey guy and he came and did the exact same thing we were trying to do except for he had a stiffer hanger thing in like 10 seconds. It pissed me off. lol Then we picked Caso up and went to Subway...good times. When I got home Jamie was there and she said we were gonna watch the Exorcist : The Beginning later when Anthony and Kyle (idiot) got there. So that was lots of fun..thats a freaky movie. And Kyle was drunk and hes such an idiot was interesting. Last nite me, Kelsie, Casey, Derek, Jordan, and Andrew went to see Robots..which was hilarious..then me Kelsie, Casey, and Derek stayed for The Wedding Date...which was awesome! And Caso and Derek know they loved it!'s really boring, everyone's gone. The next 4 days are going to go by soooooo slow....cuz I'm sooooo excited about going to Florida! Me and my dad looked at cars today...I really hope I can get one. Well...that's about it. I love you! Have fun!

March 8
Woo! I'm hyper. Being hyper is fun..but I wish I had someone here to be hyper with. Anyway, basketball season is over. I woulda loved to go to state, but I'm not sad because I'M DONE CHEERING!!! I mean, I'm still a cheerleader, but I don't think I actually have to cheer anymore. Not trying out next year is gonna be great! Cheerleading is sucky. Let's see...whats been goin on lately....I don't really know. I went shopping Sunday for clothes to wear in freakin Florida! I got some really cute shtuff! And I had to get a back up bathing suit in case my bottoms never came in, and the next day...they came now I have 2 bathing suits. Isn't that fun? Hmm...only 8 more days! Holy crap that's soon!! A week and one day! And it's only 9 days until I turn 16! I can't get my license until the 24th though. Gay laws. Aww....I love my babyboy. I'm sorry for bein mean to you sweetie! That's the only bad thing about Florida..I'm gonna miss him sooooo much! I'll have a HUGE phone bill this month. Hopefully mom will forgive me. Hmm...tomorrow we're taking spring pictures. I'm sure mine will suck, as usual. I'm taking group pictures with Kelsie...and then me, Jamie, and Jenna are taking a picture too. I wonder what we'll wear? Anyway..I'm done. I love you a whooooole lot! Have a good day!

March 3
Hey! I'm in a good mood! Isn't that weird? I like it! But anyway...these past weeks have been FLYING by. It's crazy. That means I've been having fun, right? Woohoo! Well I'm just gonna tell ya some of the highlights because I can't really remember much. lol Anyway...a few weeks ago we went to vocal district concert. The girls got 2's so we're not going to state...buuuuut....the mixed choir *which Jamie got me in* made a 1 so I get to go to state! The guys also got a 1 so they get to go to state. Woo! Yesterday we went to band district contest. I...along with almost everyone else...thought we sucked but we freaking got STRAIGHT ONE'S!!! We get to go to state in that too!!! Isn't that awesome? I love band...more than vocal...I'm sooooo excited!!! Today the girls had a game at Muskogee and they lost, which means their season is over. Tomorrow nite the guys play Tahlequah Sequoyah at Muskogee and that game is going to be awesome! OMG! There are only freaking 13 days until we leave for FLORIDA!!! And today is exactly 2 weeks until I'm 16! I'll be at the beach on my birthday! I guess that's cool, even though I don't really like the'll still be awesome!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited!! I wish my bathing suit bottoms would come in...I'd hate to have to wear blue panties....not really...I wouldn't do that. I get to go shopping this weekend for clothes to wear at Florida...maybe I'll get a back up bathing suit. lol Awww sweetie...I'm gonna miss you sooooooooo much! :( MWA! Anyway...I guess I'm done for now. I love you a bunch!! Have an awesome day!

February 21
Wow, it's been a while. Let's see...whats been going on? Way too much to put on here..but I'll try to sum it up. I went to All Honor band a few weeks ago which was fun. I met some people that were awesome. Especially the first chair guy...he was great. Hmm...I really thought Valentine's Day was gonna suck, but it was actually an okay day. I got some cool stuff from my mom, Jordan, and a rose from Anthony. And loooots of candy so I'm getting fat now. The day after Valentine's Day my mommy turned parents are old. lol This past Saturday I went to True Love Waits and that was really cool. Then after that I had lots of fun trying to watch Shark Tale and sleeping instead. lol...We have awesome dates. Oh yeah, and I didn't go to the basketball game that nite which we won. Woo. Today hasn't been very good so far. I just can't seem to keep people happy for more than a day or two so that sucks. Everyone was either in a bad or weird mood or tired today. I wish that everyone was happy. I remember in like elementary everyone pretty much got along for the most part and we were usually happy and that was great. I wish it could be like that now. I also wish that high school didn't suck. Everyone constantly has to have drama and they just can't ever let things go. That's the reason that nobody's happy anymore. I mean, you might have one or two good days in a row...but then u have a horrible day. I am so happy that I only have two more years left. I just wish I was a senior this year...that'd be great.'re probably getting tired of reading this...if u even made it this far lol. I'm gonna go try to entertain myself. I love you! Have a good day...please!

February 4
Aloha. We don't have school today! Yay! I have to go to mixed choir at 11:30 though. Poop. Then I have to go to the basketball game but that should be alright because it's the one where the little kids perform. Tomorrow I'm going to All-Honor Band. I guess that'll be alright...I wish Jordy would go with me though! :( Oh well, me and Mandy will have fun. I am so dreading Valentine's Day. It absolutely sucks when you're single. Yay! I get my hair trimmed Monday. It's needed it for a few years. Some people are crazy and need psychological help. Like literally. I worked out was great. I think I'm going back today, gotta look good for Florida. ; ) Oh yea...I finally got some new go check those out!! Anyway...I don't really have anything to say, so I'm going to go. I love you again! Have fun! 

January 31
So nothing has really changed...better or worse. I'm still pretty depressed and stuff, but doesn't look like thats gonna change for a while. I dont even know what my problem is...I know a few people love me, but I dont know...Im just sad. Anyway, enough whining. Tomorrow I have to go to Hartshorne for a basketball game. Woohoo. I hate cheering. Jamie was in the Miss McAlester pageant last Saturday and she didn't place...which was gay, she shoulda at least been in the top 5...but freaking fat and fake smiling girls beat her. It was RETARDED. Aaron, Eli, and Robert were like the escorts and they had to wear these like Chinese was HILARIOUS. I got a new cell phone! It's waaaaaay cuter than my old one, and it works waaaaaay better. I'm soooo ready to go to Florida...I'm rooming with Kelsie, Kaitlin, and Mandy. It's gonna be fun. We'll be there on my birthday! At Hard Rock Cafe and Universal Studios! YAY!!! Anyway...I have nothing else to say. Have a nice day.

Adam's Song
Blink 182 ( Album : Mark Tom & Travis Show )

i never thought i'd die alone I laughed the loudest who'd have known I traced the cord back to the wall No wonder it was never plugged in at all I took my time, i hurried up The choice was mine, i didn't think enough I'm too depressed to go on You'll be sorry when i'm gone I never conquered, rarely came 16 just held such better days Days when i still felt alive We couldn't wait to get outside The world was wide, too late to try The tour was over we'd survived I couldn't wait till i got home To pass the time in my room alone I never thought i'd die alone Another six months i'll be unknown Give all my things to all my friends You'll never set foot in my room again You'll close it off, board it up Remember the time that i spilled the cup Of apple juice in the hall Please tell mom this is not her fault I never conquered, rarely came But tomorrow holds such better days Days when i can still feel alive When i can't wait to get outside The world is wide, the time goes by The tour is over, i've survived I can't wait till i get home To pass the time in my room alone

January 26
So wow. I'm sure nobody cares or even will read this...but if by some crazy chance you do...please shoot me. Right in the face. That would be the best thing for me right now. I don't know what I did to deserve this much hell. I swear...NOTHING is going even alright for me right now. I went to dance today and usually when I go it makes me happy cuz I can get away from all the dumb high school drama...but NOOOO...the stupid babies that Jodie moved up to senior team had to have their drama and that just ruined that for me. School is horrible. I think I made myself think I was sicker than I was today just so I could stay home away from all the bitches there. Even people who say they care about me and love me treat me like crap. I just don't understand how someone could say that they are worried about me and that they care about me and love me...and then join in on everyone's making me want to die. It seems like all I do is cry and that sucks because I can't help it or make it better. And to top it all off...I'm sick and I've been throwing up all day. Fun.

January 15
So I suppose this last week was pretty busy. Nothing really happened on Monday so that was pretty sucky. Tuesday we had to go to Heavener for a basketball game. That was an awesome game. I also found out that I made 5th chair all honor band. lol Woohoo! Wednesday I woke up and I like couldn't get out of bed. You see, I'm anemic and sometimes my iron gets really low and it makes me really tired and weak. So yea, I stayed home and slept till 7 that night...but that sucked cuz that was Shiney's 16th birthday! And I didn't get to go to dance that night. I love going to dance. So anyway...Thursday we had another awesome game at Savanna. It was a very exciting game. Thursday was a good day until Keesy called me after the game and told me that Mrs. Marvel died earlier that day. She was one of the best people I've ever known and I was very sad that I only got to have her for one semester. I love you Mrs. Marvel! Oh yea...Casey didn't come to school Thursday so that sucked...I missed him. Then Friday he didn't come until after 5th hour and I missed him a lot then too. Friday I only went to 3 of my classes because I was decorating the gym for Homecoming. That was fun...but my fingers lost circulation from tying so many freaking balloons. Last night was Homecoming and the guys killed Talihina but the girls lost by one in freaking overtime. Yet another exciting game. I went to 5th quarter after the game and that was pretty fun. Then this morning *someone* woke me up at 12 and I was really sleepy but it was alright because I got to go to *someone's* house and had lots and lots of fun! I love you *someone*! Hehe...anyway...I guess I'm gonna go, now that you know the history of my week. I love you always! Have fun!!

January 8
Wow, very interesting night last night. I just want to say that I love you all before I die. Yikes. Anyway...this week has been very long and boring. We went back to school Monday, so that sucked. We had a basketball game at Stigler Tuesday and we won both games. That wasn't a very fun day. OU freaking lost to USC which is the dumbest and most embarrassing thing ever! Anyway..Wednesday I had dance and I was alllllll excited..but then when we got there it started like sleeting and the roads were getting bad so we only got to stay for an hour. That sucked..I love going to dance. Thursday we started the tournament of champions and we lost to Konawa. It was sad. Friday we had to go back to the tournament and we lost to Savanna...which was pretty gay because of the stupid dumb refs. Today we leave at 1:30 to play in the tournament...but I have idea who we play. Let's hope we can win this one. I'm kind of excited, because usually I HATE cheerleading...but this tournament's fun for some reason. So I guess I need to go take a shower. I can't really think of anything else thats been happening because I'm still in shock from last night. Just wanna say that I hate Matt Weston. Anyway...I love all the rest of you! Have a good day! 

January 1
Well..Happy New Year. Let's see, what's been going on lately...absolutely nothing. Hmm...last night I went to Jamie's house and we made lots and lots of food and it was good. It was me, Jamie, Anthony, Whitney F., Jenna, and Vickie and Daniel came for a little while. It wasn't the funnest, but it was better than staying home. I'm feeling a lack of friends rite now and it sucks. I'm feeling a lack of everything...well everything but stupid stuff to make me mad or sad. According to my dad I'm 5 years old and shouldn't be allowed to do ANYTHING. I wish I had somebody to make out with, that would be fun! Maybe not a boyfriend, cuz I have one of those in mind...but just somebody to make out with for one day. Woo, fun! Wow, we go back to school the day after tomorrow. Yikes! I don't believe I am ready to go back, it's going to suck. OMG I WISH I HAD FRIENDS! Sorry, I had an outburst. Well, I don't guess I have anything else to say. O yea! That stupid chicken...I shot it again but it STILL didn't die! You just wait...I'll get it eventually! Anyway...I'm going to go be bored again. I love you! Have a good day!

December 28
Hey hey! So my Christmas kind of sucked, but thats alright. I got two gift certificates so I'm really excited to go get some new clothes!! Yesterday I went to the doctor for my knee, and he said that I have crooked and loose knee caps...but I don't have to have surgery yet, he just gave me some exercises to do and if those don't help then I have to go back and see about surgery! But yay! No surgery for me yet!! Hmm...I'm ungrounded now, so that's great! I got some AWESOME boots for Christmas..they're pink and black rain boots with hearts on them...I love them. Oh yeah, I shot a chicken Sunday. I was planning on sleeping in and it woke me up around 10 so I went and got a bb gun and tried to kill it, but I just hurt it and it freaked out and ran off and I haven't seen it since then. Last night we ate at Red Lobster to try me on shellfish again because last time I ate it I had an allergic reaction. Well it was fine until a few hours later then I started having a rash and I threw up and I was feeling really sick, so I guess I am actually allergic to that sucks big time! I bet today's going to be a really boring day, I don't think anything is happening. Well I'm going to go take a nap. I love you! Have fun!

December 24
It's Christmas Eve!! YAY!! Yesterday was a very busy day. First I found out just how much I HATE Matt Weston and because of him I don't really have a sweetie anymore. So yea, that sucked. Then I got a wristband from Casey and it's awesome! Its brown with pink writing and it says's great! Then I really didn't do anything until 7:30 and then I went to the show with Whitney, Jacob, Aaron, and Andrew. Meet the Fockers is a great movie!! So I didn't tell my dad I was going to stay in town..actually I told him I was going to come straight home, which is what I planned on doing...but Jacob asked me if I wanted to hang out for a while so I hung out with Jacob, Aaron, and Adam for a while and we went to see Luke's HUGE new house they're building. Well while I was there my dad called me and he sounded pissed...but I just got grounded, not like thats a big deal since it's Christmas and I most likely wouldn't be able to go anywhere anyway. Oh and Jacob took Andy home and he fell trying to get out of Jacob's truck on some ice and it was HILARIOUS! But anyway...yea, we always get to open one present on Christmas Eve so we already did that and mine was a really nice portable CD player...I stepped on my old one twice and pretty much smashed it so I'm excited about having one again. I love the song Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day...I think I got their new CD for Christmas! YAY!! But anyway...Merry Christmas everybody!! I love you! Have fun!

December 22
Today it's cold and snowing. It's also only 2 days till Christmas!! YAY!! I love you! Have a good day.

December 21
Hey guys! I was reeeeeeally bored so I decided to make like a writing page for when I get bored and I feel like tellin everybody whats goin on in my life! I can't wait till Christmas!! Only 3 more days!! I've already got some awesome presents...I put my new awesome desk together today! I also saw Chris Darley today for the first time in forever. He's waaaaaaaay different and its awesome! It was great to see him again! I would like to say that I have the BESTEST friends EVER!! I love them to death! I also love "my" sweetie to death! ; ) My puppies are soooooo cute! I got them some awesome clothes for Christmas! Slinkies are soo much fun!!! I love the noise they make! I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a really boring day...but today wasn't! It was fun! Till now, I'm really bored now. I hope Kelsie's knee feels better soon! Speaking of knees...I made my appointment finally for's Monday. YIKES! Oh well, I guess they'll make it feel better!! Well anyway...I'm gonna go for now! I love you!! Have fun!

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