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*Kacey Nicolle*
Dance Recital 2004
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Dance Recital 2004
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These are our dance recital pictures from this year. For those of you who don't know, I dance at Jodie Barrick's Dance Studio and I'm on Senior Team Extreme. I was in one more dance, but I didn't buy the picture...

Hooray For Hollywood
This was the opening. I'm Cat Woman on the bottom left.

It's About That Walk
This was a dance that junior and senior team did together. I'm in the back second from the right.

I Can Only Imagine
This dance me and Jamie choreographed. I'm on my knees.

Get The "Led" Out
This was our finale with junior team. Jodie is in the red and I'm second from the back.

Love Story
This is our pointe dance. I'm in the back and middle.

The Rose
This was our lyrical dance. I'm in the back with my leg up on the left.

Working For a Living
This was our tap dance. I'm second from the right with my foot up on my briefcase.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Since our theme was Hollywood we had to do a Marilyn Monroe dance. Im in the back on the right.